Emerging brands for baby skincare products in India

3 min readMar 15, 2021

There’s nothing as soft as the skin of a baby. And nothing like an infant irritated by diaper rash, or another skin condition. While your baby is perfect, their skin may not be. You probably already know this, but you don’t want to use your adult products on the baby. Until infants are about one year old, it’s best to use soaps and shampoos that are specifically formulated for them.

Gone were the days when we use to have only one brand that was Johnson & Johnson. Now many brands are available in the market but the best are the ones which suit your child skin or the ones which you can trust. Many claims to be ayurvedic, some to be parabens and sulphates free and whatnot. So I have numbered them in order of availability and popularity among the public.

1.Himalaya Baby- This range was in the market since 2007 and easily available over the counter and online as well.

2. Mothercare- Its a UK brand and available in India since 1986 you can find it in stores in shopping malls and online as well

3. Mee mee- Mom n Me very own brand, Launched in 2006, can be found on children centric stores, Mom n Me stores and online also.

4. Mamaearth-was founded in 2016, Their products are “certified by Made Safe, a US-based non-profit organisation that provides a comprehensive human health-focused certification for non-toxic products.Easily available on baby stores and on online platforms.

5. Pigeon-Its a Korean company that is globally renowned and available in the Indian market for a very long. Their products are available online as well as in baby stores or drug stores.

6. Aveeno- was originally made by Rydelle Laboratories, and was later purchased by Johnson & Johnson. In 2001, the brand was expanded into the baby care categories with Aveeno Baby. You can buy it from a drugstore or online.

7. The Moms co- Indian brand came into the market in 2016 with Certified Toxin-Free products. The company’s products are developed by experts across India, Australia, and Switzerland. Available in various online stores.

8. Sebamed-A German brand in baby and adult skincare with over 50 years of experience and available in the Indian market from 2018. Sebamed is a pioneer in the world with pH 5.5 based products. Their products have six times lower allergic reactions than most global brands and are accredited by a European regulatory authority.100% free from soap/alkali/harsh chemicals. Available over the counter in select cities and online stores.

9. Lotus herbal baby plus- We had been using its product for a very long time. In 2018 they launched a whole new baby skincare range.

10. Biotique Baby- A well known herbal skincare brand launched a special range of products for babies inspired by Disney’s timeless menu of great stories and compelling characters. This new range is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that protects the sensitive skin of babies. Can be bought from any drug store or online.

11. Dabur baby- They have launched a baby skincare range in August 2020. The baby care range focuses on natural ingredients, free of chemicals and is gentle on the baby. Can be bought from any e-commerce platform or on amazon.




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