Herbal/Toxic-free/Natural Skincare brands

2 min readMar 26, 2021

Our skin reflects our health and having a good diet with adequate water intake is what we need. But our skin needs more so outer nourishment is important and we can give it by following a regime of cleansing and moisturizing well that too with the right product. I was very fond of skincare products compare to makeup products. Because my focus was always on providing my skin from within and this journey started from the year 2015, first with milder versions and then toxic-free and slowly I moved to natural. We all have different skin type and needs. It always a good choice to go with a product which suits you well. I try to use more organic product which is available in my kitchen.

Most of the brands mentioned below are used by me and are available online from Nykaa, Purple, Amazon etc. and some of them you can also buy from beauty stores. I use products from different brands. I have divided the brands into four sections

1.Well known and well marketed:- You can find ads and promos of it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Endorsed by celebrities and influencers, with lots of range and varieties. I would say product are worthy and neither very cheap nor expensive. All of them are SLS and Paraben free, Toxic free, cruelty-free and free of dyes and colours. Mild on skin and can be used daily.

a. Mamaearth

b. Mcaffine

c. Moms co.

d. Biocare

e. Juice chemistry

f. Indulego

2. Easily available:- These are known and can be found in every shop I would say they are not very pure but are not harsh on the skin and are milder version.

a. Biotique

b. Khadi naturals

c. Himalaya

3. Newly launched:- These products are new in the market and not much review is available but products seem to be good.

a. Love earth

b. Bella vita

c. Nat habit

4. Pure and organic:- Some of them are expensive. Not all their products are great but few of them give a drastic result with prolonged use. Can be used daily.

a. Kama Ayurveda

b. Forest essential

c. Indus valley




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