Skincare. What to do?

3 min readMay 6, 2021

Our changing lifestyle has made it important for us to follow a skincare regime because not all of us are gifted with perfect skin. Most of us ignore this and very few of us follow. Changing weather, hard water, stress, sunlight, pollution, UV rays from electronic gadgets and mostly our eating and sleeping habit make it worse. We all face issues like stretchy skin, Roughness, flaking, dandruff, thin hair, split ends, hair fall, dryness, oiliness and dull and uneven skin tone and whatnot. To solve it we buy OTC products to heal them or once in three months we go to a parlour/spa and get ourselves pampered that is good but their results are short term and even after spending so much money we don't feel much difference. Sometimes we go to a dermatologist or skin specialist but their treatment takes a lot of time and money too and most of us lose patience in the end.

As said by our Daadi’s and Nani's that healthy skin shows how healthy is your gut. And this proves to be true. Only outer application of products won't help we need from inside. By making small changes in our lifestyle we can improve it.

1.Drink a lot of water. But how much? Having 10 to 12 glasses of water is enough for the overall body. Take a one-litre of a water bottle and refill it 3 times you will definitely reach your goal. Because your one bottle is equal to 4 glasses of water. When you stay hydrated it shows on your face. Make a habit of drinking 15 to 20 min after your meal you will be able to drink more and it helps in digesting food faster which ultimately improves skin health.

2. Eating healthy food. But what? Eating on time and make your plate colourful so add salad, yoghurt, chutney, homemade pickle etc with your meals and you have done your part. Having a balanced diet is important which keeps u full for a long time and stop you from eating junk and it can be done without compromising on your taste buds. When your gut is healthy you won't have problems like pimples, acne, etc.

3. Are you having enough sleep? Make a habit of washing your feet and face before going to bed and towel dry them then moisturised. Loosen up your hair and wear loose cloth before sleeping. A goodnight sleep gives you refreshed skin and a healthy glow. And it is very well said if you read some kind of book or novel just before lying down u will eventually sleep very fast.

4. By choosing the right product. How? Try to use a milder product on the skin and according to skin type. Minimise the number of the product you use. The market is full of products choosing wisely is the task. Always check for signs like Sulphates and Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Dye-free or cruelty-free. Online you have more options for such products. Indian organic products can be identified by logos like the Javik Bharat Or Ayush department logo. Slowly you will learn to identify and then you will feel the difference on the skin.

5. Following a regime when? once a week give an oil massage on a clean face for 5 to 7 min and take steam then wash with cold water and pat dry then apply a good moisturiser. Once a week scrub your face for 5 to 7 min with a mild scrubbing cream and then clean the face and apply a face mask according to your skin concern and make it sit for 15 min and wash away and put on moisturiser. The same thing can be followed for body and hair but once or twice a month. Like applying a DIY hair mask or warm oil massage. For hands and feet by soaking in warm soapy water and then deep cleaning your nails and heels, massaging it and then applying a cooling pack. These are small tips a lot can be done.

6. Lastly it's about physical activities. Yes, u heard it right. Sweating is very important for our body and skin because it releases toxins. So exercising is important not for hours but for 15 to 20 min is enough or take a 15 min walk after your meal at night. Early morning walks are best because you get fresh air and vitamin D from sun rays which is beneficial for both body and skin.




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