Tips and tricks for travelling by personal vehicle

  1. Nowadays we all are dependent on GPS for direction but at time it happens due to network issues we end up going in wrong direction.Download your journey map in advance.You will always be on track
  2. Long drive makes ur car look like a trash can while packing keep some disposable bags and use them in your car.It makes the car clutter free and you don’t have to throw packets every now and then.
  3. We all had a small first-aid box in our car by default, there are lot of issues which can happen while travelling its better to keep medicines which are multipurpose.Like Paracetaemol with Diclofenac which can be used for aches and fever both. Zandu bam which can help in cold as well as headaches or any kind of muscle pain.And ointment like Soframycin or Boroline have multiple usage. Medicine for stomach issues are the most important because long drive can make you sick and outside food as well.Most of the hotel have first-aid kits and doctors on need not worry much.
  4. Car drive can be fun as well as tiring because sitting at one place is very difficult specially for person driving.To make it fun loving download your fav music or some audio books or shows in advance so that internet wont disturb your fun.
  5. Most of the people travel according to weather conditions but u never know nature is unpredictable. Torch, cigarette lighter and a knife are the first thing to come on travel checklist.And also a umbrella for those rainy days and all my lovely ladies these car drive can give you bad suntan even in winters so don’t forget your sunscreen i am saying this because i faced it personally.One most important thing is window shades because continuous sunlight can give you very bad sunburn and discomfort you while driving also.
  6. If travelling with a family or friends always keep a food basket it saves a lot of time and you don’t end up not finding your type of snacks or eating unhygienic food and it saves money as well. Specially travelling with children is challenging because they catch stomach issue very fast better to keep some fruits or homemade sandwiches or popcorns.It stops you from munching too much.
  7. It always better to have those coconut water or any kind of fresh juice because its refreshing and better than those carbonated drink and also healthy.And during road trips you will find these a lot.
  8. Lets Talk about water the main thing without which we cant live.When i travel i always carry water camphor ,so i don’t buy any and a lot of water can be stored in it while travelling i don’t have to stop for it.It saves time and money.
  9. Travelling with kids you need to be smart so always carry some sort of card games which everyone can enjoy in car as well as wherever you are stopping by. Headphones are most important to carry and never ever miss it. Carry some cushions ,which later can be used in games or back rest and lightweight blanket or picnic mats and i can bet you will never regret keeping them.
  10. When we travel with our own vehicle we carry a lot of thing with us and sometimes we carry unnecessary things also.Make a checklist before packing so that u keep only what to need and don’t miss important ones.



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