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  1. Appam with chutney.
  2. Sabudana vada with chutney
  3. Rava idli with a twist
  4. Tamatar chaat
  5. Dhokla with mint chutney
  6. Chilly paneer
  7. Bread toasties

These recipes will not take more than 15 minutes for preparation and 10 to 15 minutes of cooking time. Any kind of chutney can be used according to the taste you prefer. Most of the ingredients used in this are always available in our kitchen.

Sharing the link below of the above-mentioned dishes from different chefs on youtube which I found are the best

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  1. Vegetable Fried Brown rice with jeera chaach and chutney
  2. Dal khichdi with green chutney and curd.
  3. Sambar with idli and coconut chutney.
  4. Besan + wheat roti with seasonal/green vegetable and curd.
  5. Rajma/ Kadhi with brown rice, salad and chutney/ chaach.
  6. Paneer/ Mushroom curry with oats + wheat roti and cucumber raita
  7. Meethi/ Palak/ Lauki dal with wheat roti and curd

Quantity =1 katori for dal/rice/curd/raita/sabji/salad, 1 glass chaach, 2 Tbsp Chutney, 3 idli and 2 chapati .

Homemade pickles can also be added instead of chutney as I am a great fan of fresh chutney so I prefer it over the pickle.


Love to write about my thoughts and theories, Want to travel around the world and explore culture, food, history and much more.

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